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The St. Pierre Family: Mill Ave.

When I first met Adriana, Cody, and little Gavin I was immediately excited to take their pics! They all matched, even down to their black converse…love it! Gavin is 6 months and was a happy guy in front of the camera. With babies you never know when you’ll “lose them” so I wasn’t wasting anytime! Gavin was a charmer throughout the entire shoot, no fussing at all. I have already begun praying that John & I will have babies that are as cooperative & relaxed as Gavin was! I’m not kidding:) He was such a good boy.

Adriana & Cody, you two are wonderful! I enjoyed getting to know you both:) On a side note…you also make beautiful babies so I hope you’re not finished!

Rajesh - August 21, 2014 - 7:49 am

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