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Janette & Brandon: Valentine’s Photoshoot Winners

I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot when we walked up to meet Janette & Brandon and noticed they had brought balloons, a sign with their wedding date & their pup! No one appreciates props like photographers do:) Janette was all nerves when we began shooting. So what did I do? Made her warm up in front of the camera…by herself. She rocked it! By the time we were wrapping up the session they were both pros. John & I had so much fun getting to know these two. Their chemistry is obvious to anyone around them, they adore each other & their excitement to get married is evident!  It was an honor to take their engagement pictures.

Here is their love story in Janette’s words:)

Our Love Story

TITLE: Love is hard to find and even harder to hide, and when you find it you should show the world!!

My fiance and I have been together for about five years now so I’m excited to think back to the days when we first met.  We do this every so often together and laugh and get that little fuzzy feeling in our stomachs all over again, I love it!

I had just graduated college and moved back home from Nevada and back in with the parents.  I accepted an offer at a law firm doing accounting and was getting used to the “grown-up” life.  Really enjoying my work, but not having much of a social life I would take work home.  My evenings usually consisted of a pile of accounting documents, a glass of wine, and some music.  Pretty boring huh? Well about six months after my hire, my company hired a nice well put together gentleman in the legal media department named Brandon.  He had just moved from California and was new to Phoenix.  I remember the first time Brandon and I saw each other, being the ONLY young people at the firm it was an instant connection.  We began hanging out quietly because we didn’t want it to get out at work and become office gossip.

Speeding up to a month later- Februrary, I was on my office phone with my sister complaining to her about how all the other women were getting roses from their boyfriend’s and husband’s before the Valentine’s day weekend.  Later that morning, I received a call from the receptionist that she needed me up front.  I walked in the lobby and there were a dozen long stem roses and a balloon with my name on it.  The card read- Happy Valentine’s Day my Love.  They were from him!!!! But of course we had to keep quiet so I told everyone that asked, they were from my mom.  To make this already long story short 😉 He asked me on February 12th to be his girlfriend and that he wanted to take me to California to meet his parents!  Sadly, his dad passed away a few months after the trip to meet him. I was so blessed to get the opportunity to meet him even if it was just once.  It was a tough time for us, but it made us that much stronger.

On that first trip to California to meet his parents he told me he wanted to take me somewhere special.  He took me to the Santa Monica Pier at sunset and we sat and watched the sun go down.   Four and a half years later, on his dad’s passing anniversary he took me to that very same place and asked me to be his wife as the sun was setting on the pier.  He wanted his dad to be there in spirit.  It was so special that he picked that day to propose.  Here we are today, approaching our 5 year anniversary on February 12th and our upcoming nuptials in 2012.

We deserve a free couple’s session because believe it or not we have NEVER had professional photos taken!!  We have the occasional State Fair black and whites, but those don’t count.  With our anniversary coming up we would love to take photos to capture our five year milestone, our engagement, and the love we share.  We really bring out the best qualities in one another and I couldn’t have found a better match for myself so I thank God for sending him to me.  Since we kept our love such a secret in the beginning it would be nice to take photos to show the world our love.  We are ecstatic about our new beginnings!!

Brandon H. - February 6, 2011 - 8:59 pm

Great job guys and thanks again!

Janette Flowers - February 6, 2011 - 9:15 pm

Amazing work! Love them!

Brandon H. - February 6, 2011 - 9:18 pm

stop following me, lol

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