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Tamar & Justin: Valentine’s Day Contest Winners

Due to our crazy schedules we weren’t able to schedule this lovely couple’s session until a couple weeks ago. So here is the last photoshoot of the Valentine’s Day contest winners! I lalalalaloveeeeed photographing them. Tamar & I met in college and became friends quickly.  Justin is an amazing guy & I am so happy their paths collided. He treats her like a queen and loves letting her know how much he cares.

Here is their love story in Justin’s words.

My girlfriend’s name is Tamar, she and I met over a year ago at my organization’s staff retreat. She had been assigned to work one of the sessions and I was one of the people in charge of the retreat. When Tamar came into the room I nearly fell over, her beauty was something that I couldn’t believe could be that of someone who worked for the Boys & Girls Club. She immediately gave me this feeling of butterflies in my stomach, she came in and asked what her responsibilities were going to be for the day, rather than answering her, I chose to play it cool and ignore her. Throughout the rest of the day I continued to ignore her and, from what she says, it worked like a charm as she wished I would talk with her and engage in a “get to know you” conversation. That night some of us staff members went out to Happy Hour and she came as well, I continued to talk with the coworkers that I am friends with and ignore her. When she left I immediately regretted my approach as I was concerned I would never get an opportunity to really get to know her again. Little did I know that was far from the truth.

A couple of weeks later Tamar requested me to be her friend on Facebook. I was so surprised that she had found me and requested to be my friend. I immediately accepted her request, but again, playing it cool, I did not engage her, I did not write or anything. A few nights later, the Monday before Thanksgiving, Tamar was online and I messaged her “hello,” we started talking and almost immediately we connected. We joked and laughed and got to know each other, we spent more than 3 hours online, the whole time I was texting my best friend asking him if I was saying the right thing, making sure I sounded “cool.” During our conversation Tamar asked me out. I couldn’t believe it, I had told her my birthday was coming up and I would “let” her take me out if she wanted to. She obliged and we continued talking long into the night, just getting to know one another. A few days went by and we ended up going out with the same group of friends the night before Thanksgiving and by the end of the night when I was going to drive my friends home we had our first kiss. I got incredibly weak in the knees and almost fell over, I knew right then that this girl was someone I wanted to spend a long time with.

With the next day being Thanksgiving I didn’t think we wouldn’t talk until the weekend, however, I got a text message from her during the day and we continued texting each other throughout the day. Originally, our first date was scheduled for the following Monday, but we decided that we did not want to wait so we ended up making our first date the following evening. We went to Zoo Lights, dinner and watched a movie together. We kept our Monday date and I expected to talk with her Sunday, but then my friends invited us over for a game night and Tamar was able to come over and meet my “family.” My “family” consists of my best friend, his wife and three kids. Not only were they there, but so were some of my other close friends, so she got the 3rd degree on our second night spending together.

Tamar and I have continued to date and be together for more than a year now, throughout that time we have had our ups and downs as have many couples, but I truly believe that along the way I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with her. I know that one day I will be getting down on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. Tamar makes everything better in my life, seeing her makes my days so much better, kissing her makes me feel butterflies each time, and waking up next to her in the morning makes me feel like I am truly the luckiest man alive. I know that our love may seem like that of any average couple, but I know it’s not, I know that ours is one that is special and will last for the rest of our lives and will continue to grow each and every day.

Ahhhhhhhh…don’t you just love that! Thanks for sharing it with me Justin:)

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