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Katie & Alex: A Dublin, California Wedding

Alex was told Katie was going to be his wife before he ever met her. Brought together by a mutual friend Katie & Alex knew they had a good thing. The only thing that kept these two apart after meeting was thousands of miles! Alex was deployed overseas at the time.  The distance & time apart wouldn’t keep these two from falling in love. Their relationship continued to grow with many letters & phone calls. Alex was the man Katie had been praying for for many years & you just have to look at Alex when he’s in Katie’s presence to know exactly how he feels about his bride. They are deeply in love! Their shared faith was displayed throughout their wedding day. I have to admit, their vows brought tears to my eyes. Everything about these two & their wedding was perfect! I love you guys & can’t wait to see what God has in store for you as a couple.

First look. Alex’s reaction was priceless!!

The most adorable/athletic bridal party ever!

Katie grew up in Dublin & would visit this park often when she was younger. This bridge has special meaning to her, what an amazing way to start this new chapter in her life!

These appetizers were so good I had to post pics to share their amazingness!

I was missing my little guy but gushing over this one helped my with-drawls;)

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