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First Looks

I must admit, when I got married I had to really consider having a first look or waiting to see my husband until the ceremony. I wanted the moment he first saw me to be candid, genuine & special. I wanted our photographer to catch his reaction so I could always remember what he looked like. We opted for a first look & it was then that I realized all those things were accomplished. I believe it was probably an even more intimate moment than it would’ve been in front of our 75 guests. With that being said, I am now a wedding photographer & I realize the first look is also important for the overall flow of the day. Most of my couples choose to have a first look. When you opt to break tradition & see one another before your ceremony it reduces nerves and stress which allows couples to focus on the little moments that make your wedding day special. Another pro to having a first look is it’s usually the only time during your entire day where it will just be the two of you (and your photographers, of course). I encourage my couples to take a few minutes to hug, kiss, chat, gush over how amazing the other person looks & take in the moment. We usually go right into bride & groom portraits after the first look. This allows couples to be done with most of their portraits before the ceremony allowing them to socialize with their guests during the cocktail hour/reception instead of taking all the portraits at that time. Your guests have made an effort to attend your wedding day & I want to share you with them. I have had several couples who were on the fence about having a first look tell me after the fact how glad they were that they had one. The most common reason why they loved having one is the extra time they had with one another & their guests. I have also noticed that my grooms tend to show more emotion during first looks due to the fact that it’s more private & relaxed. Since it’s not in a ceremony setting we can usually get closer, better pictures of this special moment.

At the end of the day, I want my couples to do what is best for them. I will continue to support those who choose to wait to see each other until the ceremony but I also want to make sure I am doing my part in educating them on what having a first look can add to their day. Below are some shots of first looks:)

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