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Steph & Tyler: Bismarck, ND Engagement Session

It’s always nice to get out of this crazy Phoenix heat so when I had the opportunity to visit my hometown for this amazing couple’s engagement session I was all for it! Steph & I knew each other back in high school. She’s always been one of those people you can’t help but love. Steph & Tyler met in college at UND. A low-key get together with mutual friends turned into a lasting relationship that would stand the test of time & distance.  I learned 2 important facts during their session. #1 ND has Cacti (or is it cactuses?). #2 Curling is a professional sport & Steph is really good at it. It was such a fun evening! Steph & Tyler’s wedding will be held in Minnesota this fall and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!

S & T~ Just a couple short months! Can’t wait!!:)


Matias - February 28, 2016 - 11:51 pm

The adolescents who are vociing objection to this will probably laugh in a few years time. They just haven’t reached that stage yet. Your time will come don’t worry; no need to feel jealous. They’ll wake up and finally realise that no-one really cares so long as she is professional when she needs to be (i.e. when in the pool).A good word of advice for all the youngens though: don’t allow yourself to be spoon-fed what the media tells you. It is really important that you use your brain okay

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