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Xuankieu & Shane: Boojum Tree- Phoenix, AZ

Everything about Xuankieu & Shane’s garden wedding was amazing. The decorations were carefully thought of and crafted by the bride and her friends, even all 3 of Xuankieu’s dresses and the bridesmaid dresses were handmade by her incredibly talented sister, Mongkieu. The combination of Xuankieu’s Vietnamese and Shane’s Filipino heritage was displayed throughout their entire wedding day and it was beautiful to witness and document. It was clear to anyone in attendance that these two are absolutely crazy for one another!

X & S~ I enjoyed every minute of getting to know you two. Your love for others was inspiring to witness. The fact that you made such an effort to take a picture with every guest speaks volumes to your character and kindness.  Thank you for trusting me with your wedding day memories! Wishing you a life full of love & adventure! XO Brittany

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Venue- Boojum Tree

Hair & Make-up- Victoria Le, Quinn Pham

Dress- Mongkieu Tran

Florals- Safeway Floral

Catering- Heidi’s Events

Cake- Bamboo Bakery

DJ- Music by Andre

Second Shooter- Alexandra White 

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