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Lauren & Trae: Engagement Session

It was in a college volleyball class that this love story began. Trae was the one to grab Lauren’s hand to help her to her feet after taking a fall and shortly after she would fall yet again, this time in love with him.  Trae & Lauren are an incredible couple. They have so much in common but what stands out to me the most is their shared faith in God. Many couples their age aren’t even thinking about marriage but these two know exactly what they want and who they want to be with.  It is so refreshing to see a young couple pursuing their faith and living it out for all to see. I have no doubt that Trae & Lauren will accomplish amazing things as husband and wife. I am counting the days until their Carmel, CA wedding in July!

L & T~ I had so much fun with you two this week! Enjoy these next couple of months leading up to your big day! XO Brittany


Michelle & Jay: Scottsdale, AZ Wedding

I am so excited to share this incredible couple’s wedding with you! Michelle and Jay are such kind, genuine people that it came as no surprise that their wedding was ultra personal and beautiful. They were married at Starfire Golf Club and the day was perfect!

M & J~ If your dancing skills are any indication of your future marital success you two are golden!:) I love how much fun you have together and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your marriage. Keep making each other laugh and never forget the way you looked at each other on your wedding day!

XO Brittany


Thanks to the following vendors:

Venue- Starfire Golf Club

Hair & Make-up- Bree Anderson, Colette Keenan

Florals- Flowers by Jodi

Cake- Heavenly Cake

Second Shooter- Stacey Woodward

Stacey - May 5, 2015 - 5:01 pm


Lyndsie & James: Mesa, AZ Engagement Session

These two.  They are as kind as they are beautiful. Lyndsie and James’ engagement session was quite eventful with plenty of wind and rain. I didn’t hear them complain once instead they took it in stride and embraced it.  I actually think the crazy weather only added beauty to their portraits.  The love they have for one another is obvious to anyone in their presence. After meeting in a sports bar while watching a football game Lyndsie and James quickly realized it was more than a casual encounter.  They joke about the fact that it all started in a bar but to me I thought it was perfect. In fact, some of the couples I know who have been married the longest met in a bar. So Lyndsie & James, you two are in good company! 😉 At the end of the day you met your life companion and that is something to be grateful for.  I also thought it was genius that James scooped up a gorgeous woman who happens to be a big football fan! They will be married in an intimate Santa Barbara, CA wedding this fall.

L & J~ You two were so much fun to photograph & get to know. Thanks for having such a great attitude the entire time despite the downpour! Praying the future holds great things for you two.:)


Sheena & Adam: Baby makes 3!

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see my past couple’s lives unfold! I first photographed this incredible duo for their Sedona engagement session almost 3 years ago. Their Villa Siena wedding was perfection 2 years ago and now a baby!!! Mr. Liam will be making his debut in a few weeks.:)

S & A~ THANK YOU for trusting me with so many special moments in your life. You two are going to make wonderful parents! XO Brittany


aunt Linda - April 28, 2015 - 9:09 pm

OMG these picturesc are beautiful. Sheena, when I was young I heard the a woman was more beautiful when pregnant. You are amazing.

Ashley & Vicente: A Scottsdale Engagement Session

From the very start of Brittany Janelle Photography I have focused my attention on growing my business through referrals. I still hold true to the belief that the best form of advertising is through past clients. I have been fortunate to have worked with amazing couples, many of which have sent their friends my way. It truly is the best compliment I could receive in regards to my career. Ashley & Vicente were referred to me by Melissa & Brandon who’s wedding I shot over 4 years ago when I was just starting out as a wedding photographer.  The reason I share this is because I am often asked how I have grown my business so quickly and how I get such great couples. My simple answer to that is give your clients a product they are proud to show off and don’t be afraid to say no to a couple you feel might not be the best fit. Every couple wants their wedding to be the best day of their life and our job as the photographer is to enhance the experience. Couples, if you aren’t 100% about the photographer you are considering take the time to meet with others. The photographer is your shadow on your wedding day so it’s important to trust and feel a connection with them.

Ashley & Vicente were so much fun to be around! Having been together for 6 years their love runs deep. There is this sense of peace and comfort between them, the kind that only comes with time and life experiences. They are as sweet and they are beautiful. They share a love for adventure which has brought them to where they are now, planning a lifetime together.  I can’t wait to photograph their El Chorro wedding this fall! XO Brittany




Talia - April 14, 2015 - 3:12 pm

Hi Brittany,

Great post! As someone who is just getting started and diving head first into officially starting their business (I’ve only been doing photography on the side until now), I love what you shared about referrals being your main form of advertising. This is something I will most definitely keep in mind as my business begins to grow. I really appreciate when other photographers share their experiences and what works for them so thank you!

PS. love this session! The silhouette photo is gorgeous! And I love her floral headband.


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