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Where I come from…winter edition.

Chilly winds, tons of snow, people bundled up like nobody’s business…that’s North Dakota! I saw my home state like never before this trip, behind the lens. I got my eskimo gear on & I’m happy I did. A little different than my new home state (AZ) but just a breathtaking!

lynnae lovs - February 27, 2010 - 6:00 am

These pics make me miss ND…beautiful

Stilettos & Snow

For Sierra’s senior pictures today we braved the elements & I think it paid off! Despite the cold, snow, & wind we had a great time. I loved catching up with her & look forward to editing the rest of her images:) This girl is not only GORGEOUS but one tough cookie, she didn’t let the weather stop her from wearing fabulous open toed heel & a t-shirt a jeans…that’s a true North Dakota girl!

Trading in my sandals for a pair of boots for this shoot!

Today I am in Williston, North Dakota. A town known for their abundance of oil & great people…okay well that last bit is my opinion! My parent’s both grew up here & a lot of my family still lives here. Here are a few images from today. I like to think these adorable kiddos get their good looks from their distant cousin:)

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